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! WARNING ! contains concentrated geek! If swallowed by a jerk, don't induce vomiting, let them die.
As I said I really am a geek. I spend WAYYYY too much time playing the Sims 2. I really should talk to people more. I also spend too much time playing Rune Scape, and as you can see I even have a page for it. But don't look at it now, you are here for some reason.

There will be more to come.

I also just got interested in Herbalism. Not much more to that, just updateing in an effort to get the whole site to update.

Black Smithing
I really want to get into Black Smithing and Forging, but I currently don't have the time or knowledge to really do anyting that great with it. Baseically, all I have done so far is flatened a steel rod that I then annealed and shapened. It was supposed to be a bread knife, but it can't cut much. I will try to get some links up realated to the subject matter, but that will be a chalenge in it's own right.

So many things messed up with the world, not enough time to list them all. I basically take the opinion of left wing people. I do believe we need to be more "raaaaaa!" in order to kill off all the republican people. And by that I mean people who don't give a crap about the common good, which are most republicans. And don't get me started on ignorant Amercians, oh god.

Don't think this is all I do. I have a more detailed description of me at Look up the user "richdoe"

I also am really into mountain biking.
You know, I just remembered that I have a Live Journal. I'm not sure I want you to know where it is at the moment.

A link to go here, just not now.
A Hot Metal Working Course Outline, It has info in it

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Black smithing tutorial, nothing major