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This page is dedicated to a very addictive game
Rune Scape is a MMORPG, or a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It takes place in midevil times, and is allot like Everquest and World Of Warcraft. But unlike both those games, you can play it for FREE. Games like E.Q. and W.o.W. have subscription fees due to the fact that the games have thousands of players in them. Rune Scape is a Java Script game with horrible graphics, but it is still awesome.

1.) Never go into the wilderness with some one unless you are prepared to kill them.
2.) Buy a world map. There is a world map you can view that is linked to at the top of the screen which is very help full for finding stuff. A world map you can carry is the only map that TRACKS YOUR POSITION.
3.) Don't sell your pic axe unless you really are never going to mine anything.
4.) Everytime you find bones and you can pick them up, do so. It's a good way to up your "praying" expearence.
5.) You don't need to be good at combat, just most chose to be.
6.) By right clicking on each expearence symbol you can bring up a list of advancements for each. For example, right clicking on the mining level icon will bring up a list of what ores you can mine at what level and what pic axes you can use at what level
6.a) BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING, MAKE SURE YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE IT. If you buy steel armor, you will not be able to ware it when you first start the game. There are some objects, like a mithril pic axe, that can be used for the task it is designated for but cannot be weilded by your character due to a low level.
7.) rune ess = rune essence
mith = mithril
addy = adament
full [insert a metal] = full armor and maybe a weapon?
8.) You can have a great time and never go into the wildereness.

It's me!
  My Rune Scape Character
My character's name is richdoe. I am a level 30 miner, and a level 20>X>17 metal smith (smithing). I sell bronze bars in quanties under 30. 14 bars can be made in an average amount of time, 20 in a long period of time. Iron bars are very do able, but they will take an unknown amount of time see how there is a 50% failure rate for everyone who make Iron bars. I can make any thing that is non-member restricted out of bronze and anything under 2 Handed swords out of Iron. And Iron medium helmets. I am pretty sure only members can make pic axes, so don't lose yours! I am at your service. 15 bars of bronze costs 30 gp. I can almost make steel bars, so check back soon! Something is freaking wrong with this page.

The actual game
It all runs on java, so make sure you have it installed. Look for servers with fewer people when you want to harvest reasources. They usually don't lag ever. Members are people who pay a month and get access to more things to do and get extra access to servers. They always have access to the finer points of the game. They can make arrow heads and dragon armor.


If the link above doesn't work:
Just go to it here:

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The select a server screen at 1:30 am
As you can see there is not allot of people playing right now. I however am usually in world 32 if I feel like it.

Pretty Self explanitory
Notice where the link the world map is. Notice the "praying" expearence thingy. And Try to notice me in my preist robes.