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Happyness is what life is all about, so why can so few find it?
A absolutely briliant man named Maslow came up with a hierarchy of needs that goes like this:
(see picture) it says in this order from bottom to top: Self Actualisation, Esteam, Love/belongingness, safety, physiological or bodily.

The needs on the bottom of the pyramid need to be satisfied before you can get to the next level. For example, you won't feel the need for love when you have a gun pointed at your head and feel very insecure.

But baseically through my logical conclusions, love is a byproduct of a want for stability that all humans have. We want to know where we are going in life (self actualisation), we don't want to have to feel like we really have to pee (physiological), it's uncomfortable.

So baseically this is how your mind works. You know, that squishy gray thing in your head? You have problems that are making you feel unstable. Who knows you better than yourself? Who? A likeness of you, or someone just like you. If they have had this problem they can help you solve it. If they haven't had this problem they can't directly help you solve it, but they can sure as hell try. But basically you like some one because they can make you feel stable, which makes you feel good.

Now you must be thinking to yourself, "well I really don't talk to them about their problems, I just like their sense of humor." That is a very good trick your mind plays on your self. Having a simalar sense of humor is a sign that you two are somewhat like each other. That means that they could possibly help you with maintaining your stability.

Now we go a different direction. You do have a sex drive that just wants to screw everything you deam worthy, but that would be stupid, and would get you arrested at least once, and would contribute to overpopulation, and would leave you paying for allot of abortions or lawsuits or child support.

The other direction we go is explaining a lust for power. Susie can't control her life. There are external factors that she can't control that are messing up her internal factors that she can control. So she lusts for the ability to control the world around her so that she can make her self stable again.

If you need more explaining go watch Star Wars episode 3. Now that you watched the movie recall with me: Anikin couldn't control the factor of Padme's death. I was disturbing his inner balance, so he lusts for the power that only the dark side can give him. Get it now?

But what might seem like a lust for power could just be a move to gain self esteem. In our society, we are taught that money equals power and happyness. Some people could just be buy lots of nice cars to get their self esteem up.

Did I ever get to the point? I don't think so. Love and belongingness is one of the hardest levels to get to. And once you have it, you can acheive so much more, and the world just seems like a less barren and desolate place. I have never had a girl friend, so I can't really help you on finding love. If you've got a crush on someone, try to get to know them better.

On the subject of belongingness though, everyone will find there group. Some even want to find it so bad that they will pretend to be someone who they are not. "How am I not myself?" -I (heart) Huchabees
There's allot of good philosophy about life in it. It's what I base allot of my stuff on.

If you don't feel like you belong some where ask your self: HOW AM I NOT MY SELF?
Hopefully the answer to this question will guide you to finding belongingness.

  A very interesting Diagram This is all explained in the ramblings above.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  Funney Stuff These next two images are not serious at all unlike the paragraphs above. They are both from engrish.com. READ EACH ONE CAREFULLY.

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