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Web sites I personally recomend:
This one of course
(check out the SB e-mails)
(An online reasource for information on elements.)
(< has lots of stuff that is soooo funney)
(has almost everything you could ever buy)
(everything that is uber cool and doesn't have. At least some of the time.)
(They host my site for free, but I eventually have to have an add banner.)
(exactly what it sounds like, try the game "kill the pop ups".)
If you can't find it on amazon, or if you just want a cheeper price check it out on ebay.

More to soon follow. E-mail me your

< hey look it's the p90 in Star Gate SG-1
Yeah, the p90 is my favorite assult rifle next to the Heckler and Kotch G-36. Favorite handgun is the Desert Eagle, an Israei made weapon.

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If you want to see picture of israel, check out my gallery on